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SAT Private Tutoring In Jakarta – SAT is really a standardized test and that is widely employed for college admission inside the United States of America. Different universities have different policies for SAT. Some universities put SAT as requirement for college admission. Some samples of colleges that have SAT as their admission requirement are Brown University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ), and California Institute of Technology. Other colleges, for example Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, and Lafayette College put SAT as recommended test to bring for college admission. However, high score of SAT may be a boost for students’ application into college and evidence of determination to obtain into college of preference.

The SAT test includes two sections : Math Section and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section. The Match section includes two parts and also a total of 58 questions. The very first part has 20 questions and it also lasts for 25 minutes while the next part has 38 questions and lasts for 55 minutes. The Evidence-based Reading and Writing section includes 52 questions depending on 4 individual passages and 1 set of two passages and 44 multiple choice questions depending on 4 passages. The Evidence-based Reading and Writing tests spend 65 minutes and 35 minutes respectively. Additionally, it comes with an optional Essay which enables students to exhibit their comprehensive analysis and skill to argue. The optional Essay uses as much as 50 minutes.

In Jakarta Tutors, we be sure to find a very good tutor match for college students. Tutorials are conducted in 1 on 1 basis to ensure students and tutors focus on regions of students’ weakness. The private tutorial also enables tutors to devise personalized ways to assist students understand the topic and pass SAT exams with desired scores. Jakarta Tutors takes extra measure of ensuring that tutors will work well with individual student’s learning style.

Tutors in Jakarta Tutors are university students from prestigious universities with expanse understanding of SAT subjects. Tutoring sessions are customized to each and every student’s needs, and tutors provide progress report after every session. The progress report is supposed to assist parents understand the students’ strength and weakness along with materials covered throughout the day.

To see more our SAT Private Tutoring service which we provide, please contact us by sending an email or calling the amount provided. Jakarta Tutors can do our best to locate tutor which could match your children’s needs best.

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