IB Extended Essay Tuition


Whether it is to target a problem area or to stretch a particularly brilliant mind, we can introduce an expert Extended Essay tutor to motivate and inspire your child.

Expert Help

The Extended Essay is typically one of the most challenging components of the International Baccalaureate. Whilst the essay provides an opportunity to explore and investigate a topic of choice in depth, it is does expect a high level of self-sufficiency, leaving students to their own devices.

As many IB students will begin the Extended Essay with little experience of first-hand research or long essays, an expert tutor will work closely with your child to give them the skills needed to excel in their 4000-word piece. They will give guidance on subject choice, structure and content, as well as research skills and referencing.

We help coach students in:

  • selecting a topic conducive to research
  • formulating a proper research question
  • identifying potential sources of  primary and secondary research
  • Applying relevant theories to the data collected
  • Reviewing the final product to ensure highest possible grade

Those students who are confident of their ability can choose to take just one or two sessions to discuss the selected topic and review the work. Contact us now to schedule a class.